Bespoke furniture comes from bespoke drawings

Ross designs all his own furniture. He takes pride in his hand drawn scale drawings, which are always traced and printed up in duplicate - a copy for the client and many copies from which he can notate and prepare his cut lists etc. 

Discover what great design could do for you.

"Architects, interior designers, [cabinet makers] are trained problem solvers, skilled visualisers and masterful imaginers.  Such professionals can take a plot of land or a shell of a home and envision more space, light, potential and beauty within it than you ever thought possible  -  which means you could employ one to make your current home work better for the way you live.  

Don't forget though, you are as important to this process of good design as the person you commission.  It cannot be stressed enough that neither architects nor [cabinet makers] are mind readers.  They can only respond to what you ask for. So if you intend to hire one, it is essential to really take the time before commissioning to do as much work as possible to determine what you want.

Muse not though on specific colours or details, rather think in terms of mood and feel. How would you like your new room or furniture to change your life?  It's about defining your objective and then letting the professionals proffer potential solutions.  Be realistic about budgets.

Have ideas. Be informed. Be patient. Bear in mind work on your home can be stressful, but stay focussed, choose someone likewise, and rest assured you are getting a super-bespoke product: furniture that's fitted and coloured to fit you in all the right places.  Happy commissioning!"

Taken from Elle Decoration - The Directory Edition.